Kahira Company for
Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries

Since 1962, our aim was and still is to provide high quality affordable pharmaceutical products to Egyptians.

A glimpse back…

Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries was established in 1962 after the integration of three small facilities working in the production of pharmaceutical products (Alpha – Douche – C-pharm) then Beida joined this entity later on, they all constituted a concise and limited entity at that time.

The aim of Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries was and still is to provide high-quality quality affordable pharmaceutical products to Egyptians.

In 1962, the government decided to expand this entity to be a well-established large-scale manufacturing facility producing various pharmaceutical dosage forms, serving local and regional markets.

In 1991, a new entity was established whereby Egypt’s holding company – a holding entity related to the Egyptian Ministry of Public Business Sector – owns 60% of Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries shares, while 30% of shares are owned by investors and 10% are owned by working employees.

In 1996, Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries was listed on the Egypt Stock Exchange with a working capital worth 500 million Egyptian Pounds.

Our Purposes

Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries aims to become a significant leading pharmaceutical local and regional player through innovation, quality, competence, and making a difference in human and animal life.

We are determinant to achieve our aim by:

Learning through innovation, offering patients and their beloved one’s new solutions to achieve higher quality of life.

Championing working together in high performing teams appreciating and benefitting from our differences.

Having a strong pipeline and collaboration with the best research centers and valuable partnerships with strategic allies, customers, and suppliers, we aim to ensure a fair return for our partners and shareholders.

Upholding our social responsibilities of delivering highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics and commitment.

“We have our eyes focused on our aim and we are working hard towards it”

Innovation, Quality and Supply

With so many people in the region trusting us with their health, we have an enormous responsibility to deliver the highest quality products and to seek novel approaches to help people gain greater access to medicine.

Our brand is a long-standing seal of quality and healthcare professionalism around the region trusted as a symbol of high-quality affordable medications for the past 60 years.

We go beyond providing standard products, we offer added value to the healthcare system through a range of support services, including combination formulations.

Consistency is crucial to ensure sustainable business performance and enable growth. We strive to continuously improve business processes with the target of exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Our Values

The powerful force that works behind the scenes making Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries successful day-by-day, is:

Continuous Improvement



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Customer Focus


Caring For Our Communities

Powered By Our People

Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries is known for being a talent’ hub with strong human capital privileges with accumulated experiences as well as a good balance of young staff that can fuel the future.

In Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, we have a diverse team that champions thinking outside of the box and is passionate about new challenges.

We respect and embrace the diverse range of experiences, capabilities, and perspectives that connect us to new insights and opportunities while building a more inclusive culture for all.

We strive to enable a work environment where all employees can feel engaged and know they are making an important contribution to improving health and making people feel better.

Working in Kahira Company for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries means knowing that your work every day is helping millions of people to enjoy a better quality of life.

ESG Commitment


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have taken measures to be more environmentally friendly in our operations to support a better quality of life and a better future for all. We continuously invest in a cleaner source of energy to complement our business.

We have an Environmental Policy in place to support us in reducing our environmental footprint through measures such as efficient logistics, water recycling, and waste management.


We believe in making contributions to the welfare of our employees and the nearby society. Our employees are the people who drive us forward. Their success will be our success. We want them to become future leaders and we will ensure that they can develop together with the Company.

We hold regular training and continuously develop our employees, aiming to maximize their talents, performance, and outputs.

We are a socially responsible company with a positive impact on nearby society through various programs focusing on education, and health aspects.


One of the Company’s missions is “implementing good corporate governance” by the prevailing laws and regulations, as well as best practices.

We abide by the Ministry of Investment and Egypt’s stock exchange policy on Governance Guidelines for Companies.

We believe that good governance is the foundation of having a sustainable business. By implementing good governance, we expect to gain the confidence of the shareholders and stakeholders and to create a positive impact.

Our governance board continually reviews our corporate governance policy to ensure that it represents the current domestic and global policy developments.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or feedback, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.